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No Fault Divorce Is Unlikely To Become Law

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No Fault Divorce Is Unlikely To Become Law

No Fault Divorce Is Unlikely To Become Law

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, which is intended to introduce no fault divorce, is stuck in the queue in Parliament, and will probably be an unintended victim of the political storm surrounding Brexit.

The Bill completed the committee stage in the House of Commons, on 2 July 2019, so it is waiting to proceed to the report stage and third reading there, before it then goes on to the House of Lords. But the political pundits are saying that Parliament is likely to be prorogued before 19 October 2019, and that there will be a general election before Christmas. Whichever way that plays through, it seems unlikely that the Bill will get the Parliamentary time it needs to become law.

The Domestic Abuse Bill, received its second reading in the House of Commons on 2 October 2019 during which a particularly moving contribution by Labour MP Rosie Duffield attracted media attention. So, it is waiting to go into the committee stage, but no date has yet been allocated and at present its future looks pretty uncertain.

In the mean time Age UK has just published a report highlighting the problem of domestic abuse amongst older people. It seems that there are no reliable figures, because no data is collected for those over 74, extra-ordinarily enough. Age UK point out that older people - who are vulnerable to abuse from carers and other family members on whom they must depend, as well as from partners - are often not able to report their concerns.


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